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God of...NameExtra Info
God of the ForgeCraftsman who challenges Pit to participate in the Three Trials in KI:U.
God of RevengeKeeps chasing Pit even after being split in two in KI, KI:oMaM, and KI:U.
God of the UnderworldLord of the Underworld and final boss in KI:U.
God of PlantsFound in the cloud garden in Skyworld in KI.
Goddess of DarknessRules the Underworld a few times and is the main villain of the series. Appears in KI and KI:U.
God of...NameExtra Info
Goddess of LightRuler of Angel Land and main Goddess of the series in KI, KI:oMaM, and KI:U.
Goddess of CalamityMaster of deceit and originally good-looking. Appears in KI and KI:U.
Goddess of LightningFaithfully serves the Goddess of Nature in KI:U.
God of the SeaParted the sea to help Pit reach the Seafloor Palace in KI:U.
God of _______Hides in a pot in the Treasure Chambers to trick Pit in KI and KI:oMaM.
God of...NameExtra Info
God of the SunCocky God who has a fascination for the Aurum. Appears in KI:U.
God of DeathA master at shapeshifting who's true form resembles a clown. Appears in KI and KI:U.
God of the SkyBetrayed the Goddess of Light and roams fortresses in KI.
Goddess of NatureShe resembles a young child and leads the Forces of Nature. Appears in KI:U.
'A friendly God'Trains Pit in the Sacred Training Chamber in KI and KI:oMaM.

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