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'I'm tryna stop lying like I'm Mumm Ra/ But I'm not lying when I'm laying on the beat/ En Garde...'Late Registration
'What does it matter where your purse from/ Your hair done/ Your nails did/ Your ass phat/ But you're dumb...' L.A.S.E.R.S.
'Hold up ya chain/ Slow motion through the flames/ Cue the smoke machine/ And the simulated rain...' Food & Liquor
'Nothing's really as it seems/ Yeah I should've known that/ Thought I called an Angel/ Devil's had my phone's tapped...'Enemy of The State (Mixtape)
'Guess who's back in the house/ With a bunch of souvenirs/ And a smile for ya mouth...'The Cool
'Do this one thing for me/ Out of the trillions of the numbers that's in the world/ Just leave me a few/ That leads to you...' Food & Liquor
'You see what my problem is/ I don't know where my papa is...'Food & Liquor
'We came through the storm/ Nooses on our necks/ And a small pox blanket to keep us warm...'Food & Liquor
'With my ghetto broad/ And she's so plain/ Got a couple scars/ And one of those long names...'The Cool
'My new lady gave me a Mercedes and a necklace with a solid gold key/ Like the starter of a car/ The opener of a door/ Or two pounds of raw...'The Cool

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