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Can you name the literary work based on supporting characters that appear in the book?

Quiz Updated Jul 30, 2012

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NOTE: All of these books are well-known.
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Kurtz, General Manager
Cunégonde, Pangloss
Porfiry Petrovich, Sonia Marmeladov
Bingley, Lady Catherine, Wickham
Major Major Major Major
Tom Robinson, Bob Ewell
Starbuck, Queequeg
Clover, Squealer
Countess Ivanovna, Prince Oblonsky
Dr. Spivey, Nurse Ratched
Big Brother, Emmanuel Goldstein
Kilgore Trout, Roland Weary
Lord de Winter, Milady de Winter
Edward Rochester, Mr. Brocklehurst
Charlotte Haze, Clare Quilty
Ackley, Stradlater
Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson, Tom Buchanan
Stephen Dedalus, Buck Mulligan, Patrick Dignam
Agnes Wickfield, Uriah Heep, Wilkins Micawber
Anna Pavlovna, Prince Bolkonsky
Roger Chillingworth, Rev. Arthur Dimmsdale
Ma & Pa, Rose of Sharon, Connie Rivers
Bishop Myriel, Gavroche
Edgar Linton, Lockwood

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