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Can you name the facts about bananas?

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Bananas ripen quickly because they give off high quantities of this gas
This is the type of banana that is most popular as an export
Banana trees aren't trees, but this type of plant, common examples of which include basil, chives, sage, and thyme
Because of high iron content, bananas can help treat this disease characterized by a lack of healthy red blood cells in the body
After visiting India and tasting the banana, this Macedonian conqueror and king introduced the fruit to the Western world
This is the less sweet form of the banana, typically used for cooking
Bananas are thought to have originated in this modern-day nation with capital at Kuala Lumpur
This vitamin is present in high quantities in a banana. It notably helps with eyesight.
Bananas contain high qualities of this element with chemical symbol K
Bananas were wrapped in tin foil and sold for 10 cents at a celebration held in Pennsylvania in 1876 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of this document

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