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Cucumbers contain this, a red-orange pigment that is notably found in carrots.
A common pest that enjoys destroying the cucumber plant is this tiny greenish-white insect, also known as plant lice.
Research is being conducted on the cucumber regarding its ability to prevent this deadly disease, including its colon and prostate types.
This country is the world's top producer of the cucumber, providing over 60% of the global supply.
This is a cucumber that has been soaked in a liquid (such as vinegar) and allowed to ferment.
The first cucumbers came from this continent, which contains the Middle East region.
Cucumbers are mentioned in this Mesopotamian epic poem featuring characters such as Enkidu and the Bull of Heaven.
This variety of cucumber is so named because it gives consumers less gas.
Though it can come in white, yellow, and orange varieties, this is the most common color for a cucumber.
The cucumber is the fourth most widely cultivated vegetable in the world. Name one of the three vegetables that are more widely cultivated.
Cucumbers contain this type of molecule that inhibits a certain chemical reaction responsible for the creation of free radicals.
A cucumber is this, the common name of plants in the Cucurbitaceae family. Other members include squash and various melons.

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