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Name a Pokemon that...PokemonNotes/Extra Info a pure Steel type (i.e. no other types) legendary that roams around the Unova region
...can have the ability Arena Trap
...can evolve into more than one pokemon (excluding Eevee)
...can have the ability Shield Dust
...has a base stat total of 720
...can learn 7 or more HMs
...always looks different every time it is seen
...has the type combination Fire/Psychic used by Champion Alder in Pokemon Black & White part of the Tao trio
...evolves from Eevee
...has a base Speed of 140 or higher
Name a Pokemon that...PokemonNotes/Extra Info
...learns Aura Sphere by level up a pure Ghost type (i.e. no other types)
...learns Ice Punch by level up part of the Three Musketeer quartet can receive through Prof. Birch
...evolves from a Pokemon through the use of a Shiny Stone from Generation III that can't learn any TMs
...can learn the move Secret Sword
...can have a different 'Forme' (excludes color changes; some part of their physical appearance must also change) a pure Dragon type (i.e. no other types)
...has every base stat set at 100
...can only be received through events in Pokemon Black & White

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