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Name a Pokemon that...PokemonNotes/Extra Info a pure Steel type (i.e. no other types)
...has every base stat set at 100
...has the type combination Fire/Psychic
...can have the ability Arena Trap
...always looks different every time it is seen
...can evolve into more than one pokemon (excluding Eevee)
...has a base Speed of 140 or higher
...learns Aura Sphere by level up a pure Ghost type (i.e. no other types)
...can have a different 'Forme' (excludes color changes; some part of their physical appearance must also change) part of the Three Musketeer quartet
...can only be received through events in Pokemon Black & White
...learns Ice Punch by level up
Name a Pokemon that...PokemonNotes/Extra Info
...can learn the move Secret Sword part of the Tao trio a pure Dragon type (i.e. no other types) from Generation III that can't learn any TMs
...can learn 7 or more HMs
...evolves from a Pokemon through the use of a Shiny Stone legendary that roams around the Unova region
...evolves from Eevee
...can have the ability Shield Dust used by Champion Alder in Pokemon Black & White can receive through Prof. Birch
...has a base stat total of 720

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