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Can you name the answers (from all 15 Sporcle categories) being described that all start with the letter 'a'?

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MLB team located in TexasSports
An official language of the United NationsLanguage
Battle in the Hundred Years' War in which the English won with longbowmentHistory
Simpsons character whose last name is NahasapeemapetilonTelevision
Last name of the author of 'Things Fall Apart'Literature
2012 Record of the Year winning artistMusic
Irving Berlin musical in which the title character goes into show business with her expert rifle skillsEntertainment
The book of the Bible directly after the four gospelsReligion
National Goat Cheese Month, in the United StatesHoliday
Board game in which 'red' and 'green' cards are used and a judge decides which two word combination is the bestGaming
Blue-green color that is also the name of a variety of berylJust For Fun
German automobile company based in IngolstadtMiscellaneous
The Best Picture Oscar winner of 1984, featuring a notable composerMovies
Point in a planet's orbit where it is furthest from the sunScience
Mountain range that extends throughout all of peninsular ItalyGeography

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