US Presidents by First Lady

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Can you name the US Presidents by their First Lady or spouse(s)?

Updated Aug 20, 2012

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All names shown are maiden names. "____" denotes the same last name as the President.
President's Spouse(s)President's NameActing First Lady's Relationship: Name
Elizabeth 'Betty' BloomerSpouse
Louisa Catherine JohnsonSpouse
Jane Means AppletonSpouse
Claudia 'Lady Bird' Alta TaylorSpouse
Julia Dent Spouse
Helen 'Nellie' HerronSpouse
Hannah HoesDaughter-in-Law: Sarah Angelica Singleton
Grace Anna GoodhueSpouse
Lou HenrySpouse
Abigail SmithSpouse
(1) Alice Hathaway Lee (2) Edith Kermit Cardow2nd Spouse
Jacqueline 'Jackie' Lee BouvierSpouse
Anna Tuthill SymmesSpouse (de facto: Daughter-in-Law: Jane Irwin)
Martha DandridgeSpouse
Mary ToddSpouse
Lucretia RudolphSpouse
Laura WelchSpouse
Frances Folsom (1) Sister: Rose Elizabeth '_________' (2) Spouse
Anna Eleanor RooseveltSpouse
(1) Caroline Lavinia Scott (2) Mary Scott Lord(1) 1st Spouse (2) Daughter: Mary Scott '________'
(1) Ellen Louise Axson (2) Edith Bolling(1) 1st Spouse (2) Cousin: Helen Bones (3) 2nd Spouse
Barbara PierceSpouse
President's Spouse(s)President's NameActing First Lady's Relationship: Name
Elizabeth 'Bess' Virginia WallaceSpouse
Florence KlingSpouse
(1) Letitia Christian (2) Julia Gardiner(1) 1st Spouse (2) Daughter-in-Law: Elizabeth Priscilla Cooper (3) 2nd Spouse
Dolley PayneSpouse
Eleanor Rosalynn SmithSpouse
Martha WaylesDaughter: Martha 'Patsy' Washington '_________'
Eliza McCardleSpouse
Sarah ChildressSpouse
Rachel Donelson(1) Niece: Emily Donelson (2) Daughter-in-Law: Sarah Yorke
Lucille 'Lucy' Ware WebbSpouse
Ida SaxtonSpouse
Michelle RobinsonSpouse
(1) Sarah Jane Mayfield (2) Nancy Davis2nd Spouse
(1) Abigail Powers (2) Caroline Carmichael 1st Spouse
No WifeNiece: Harriet Rebecca Lane
Elizabeth 'Eliza' KortrightSpouse
Margaret 'Peggy' Mackall Smith Spouse
Mary 'Mamie' Geneva Doud Spouse
Ellen 'Nell' Lewis HerndonSister: Mary '______'
Thelma 'Pat' Patricia RyanSpouse
Hillary RodhamSpouse

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