US Presidents by First Lady

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Can you name the US Presidents by their First Lady or spouse(s)?

Featured Jan 6, 2012

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All names shown are maiden names. "____" denotes the same last name as the President.
President's Spouse(s)President's NameActing First Lady's Relationship: Name
(1) Alice Hathaway Lee (2) Edith Kermit Cardow2nd Spouse
Claudia 'Lady Bird' Alta TaylorSpouse
Grace Anna GoodhueSpouse
Eleanor Rosalynn SmithSpouse
Barbara PierceSpouse
(1) Caroline Lavinia Scott (2) Mary Scott Lord(1) 1st Spouse (2) Daughter: Mary Scott '________'
(1) Sarah Jane Mayfield (2) Nancy Davis2nd Spouse
(1) Abigail Powers (2) Caroline Carmichael 1st Spouse
Lucille 'Lucy' Ware WebbSpouse
Mary 'Mamie' Geneva Doud Spouse
No WifeNiece: Harriet Rebecca Lane
Michelle RobinsonSpouse
Margaret 'Peggy' Mackall Smith Spouse
Louisa Catherine JohnsonSpouse
Lou HenrySpouse
Eliza McCardleSpouse
Elizabeth 'Betty' BloomerSpouse
Julia Dent Spouse
Lucretia RudolphSpouse
Jacqueline 'Jackie' Lee BouvierSpouse
Helen 'Nellie' HerronSpouse
Laura WelchSpouse
President's Spouse(s)President's NameActing First Lady's Relationship: Name
Florence KlingSpouse
Ellen 'Nell' Lewis HerndonSister: Mary '______'
Sarah ChildressSpouse
Martha DandridgeSpouse
Anna Tuthill SymmesSpouse (de facto: Daughter-in-Law: Jane Irwin)
Hannah HoesDaughter-in-Law: Sarah Angelica Singleton
Anna Eleanor RooseveltSpouse
Jane Means AppletonSpouse
Thelma 'Pat' Patricia RyanSpouse
(1) Ellen Louise Axson (2) Edith Bolling(1) 1st Spouse (2) Cousin: Helen Bones (3) 2nd Spouse
Martha WaylesDaughter: Martha 'Patsy' Washington '_________'
Rachel Donelson(1) Niece: Emily Donelson (2) Daughter-in-Law: Sarah Yorke
Hillary RodhamSpouse
Frances Folsom (1) Sister: Rose Elizabeth '_________' (2) Spouse
Ida SaxtonSpouse
Dolley PayneSpouse
(1) Letitia Christian (2) Julia Gardiner(1) 1st Spouse (2) Daughter-in-Law: Elizabeth Priscilla Cooper (3) 2nd Spouse
Abigail SmithSpouse
Mary ToddSpouse
Elizabeth 'Eliza' KortrightSpouse
Elizabeth 'Bess' Virginia WallaceSpouse

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