Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone Trivia by Image

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Can you name the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone Trivia by U.S. Book Illustrations?

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(1-1)What is the name of this building?
(1-2)What piece of candy is this?
(1-3)What is this mirror called?
(1-4)What brand of broom is he riding?
(2-1)Who is this baby?
(2-2)Who is this?
(2-3)Where is this man running into?
(2-4)Who is this?
(3-1)Who is this?
(3-2)Name one first year class?
(3-3)What is this creature's name?
(3-4)What is this sport ball?
(4-1)What street is this residence located?
(4-2)Whose portrait is this?
(4-3)What creature is this?
(4-4)What is this sport ball?
(5-1)Who is this?
(5-2)What creature is this?
(5-3)What is this creature's name?
(5-4)What creature is this?
(6-1)Who sells wands on Diagon Alley?
(6-2)What sport is this?
(6-3)Who is this?

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