Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Trivia by Image

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Can you name the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trivia by U.S. Book Illustrations?

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(1-1)What is this creature's name?
(1-2)Which impersonator is a member of the Order of the Phoenix?
(1-3)Whose patronus is this?
(1-4)Whose portrait is this person hiding away?
(1-5)What town has this statue in it's main square?
(1-6)Who lives here?
(1-7)Whose grave is this?
(1-8)Whose portrait is this?
(1-9)What is the name of the wand he is holding?
(1-10)Who is the man holding someone?
(2-1)What is the animal's name?
(2-2)Who died attempting to transport a person to a safe-house?
(2-3)Who is the person in the front wearing pink?
(2-4)Whose office door is this?
(2-5)What rebounded curse destroyed this house?
(2-6)What does this symbol represent?
(2-7)What is the house on the hill known as?
(2-8)Who is this?
(2-9)Who is eavesdropping in the background?
(2-10)What is the full name of the son named after two Hogwarts headmasters?
(3-1)Whose eye is this?
(3-2)What creature is this?
(3-3)What was this gang's nickname?
(3-4)What device does Ron use to find the other's campsite after he abandons it?
(3-5)What holds the two broken pieces of this wand together?
(3-6)Who is the person on the right?
(3-7)What is the name of this building?
(3-8)Who casts a protective charm causing all the suits of armor and statues to fight?
(3-9)Who is the person on the right?
(3-10)Who is this?
(4-1)Who is the person on the left?
(4-2)Who is the person on the right?
(4-3)Who is this?
(4-4)Name either of these creature's names?
(4-5)Whose patronus is this?
(4-6)Who is the person on the right?
(4-7)This was the getaway after stealing which horcrux?
(4-8)Who is this?
(4-9)Who is this?

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