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Here's my love baby boy, I just can't _____
I'm so cra- cra- crazy
You such a bad, bad, bad girl
Now all I wanna do is make you rock
How to keep loving you?
Yo, let me show you something. Girls, you ready?
She's a bad girl, I know. But here I go again, oh no.
I want you by my side side
I was so wrong. Forgive me.
Hello, Mr. Perfect.
You know what time it is? This is return of the king.
____, if I want to I can have you.
I'm Mr. G in the club in my B-Boy Stance
I'm gonna be crazy now, yes crazy now.
Fly to the my heart, I’ll be there by your side.
As you know I still remember
La La La La La Tell me that u love me, too.
So baby wont you come to me, I'll make you make you happy.
Stop bangin' my head my eyes gone red
So I hate you. So I love you.

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