EPL 100: Best Premier League Players 2013/14

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Can you name the EPL 100: Best Premier League Players 2013/14?

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1.Chelsea (Spain)
2.Liverpool (Uruguay)
3.Manchester United (Netherlands)
4.Tottenham Hotspur (Wales)
5.Chelsea (Belgium)
6..Manchester City (Spain)
7.Liverpool (Brazil)
8.Manchester City (Ivory Coast)
9.Manchester United (Japan)
10.Manchester United (England)
11.Manchester United (England)
12.Manchester City (Argentina)
13.Chelsea (Czech Republic)
14.Arsenal (Spain)
15.Arsenal (France)
16.Everton (Belgium)
17.Manchester City (England)
18.Manchester City (Spain)
19.Arsenal (England)
20.Manchester City (Belgium)
21.Tottenham Hotspur (France)
22.Manchester City (Montenegro)
23.Chelsea (Serbia)
24.Liverpool (England)
25.Tottenham Hotspur (Brazil)
26.Chelsea (Germany)
27.Southampton (France)
28.Liverpool (England)
29.Tottenham Hotspur (Belgium)
30.Manchester City (Argentina)
31.Everton (England)
32.Tottenham Hotspur (Belgium)
33.Chelsea (England)
34.Chelsea (Belgium)
35.Chelsea (England)
36.Chelsea (Brazil)
37.Manchester City (Serbia)
38.Chelsea (Brazil)
39.Fulham (Bulgaria)
40.Everton (Belgium)
41.Newcastle United (France)
42.Liverpool (Denmark)
43.Everton (England)
44.Liverpool (Belgium)
45.Manchester City (Brazil)
46.Swansea City (Spain)
47.Manchester CIty (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
48.Southampton (Kenya)
49.Newcastle United (Netherlands)
50.Aston Villa (Belgium)
51.Chelsea (Spain)
52.Tottenham Hotspur (Brazil)
53.Tottenham Hotspur (France)
54.Arsenal (France)
55.Stoke City (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
56.Chelsea (Brazil)
57.Manchester United (Spain)
58.Manchester City (Spain)
59.Arsenal (Germany)
60.Everton (USA)
61.Aston Villa (USA)
62.Arsenal (Wales)
63.Manchester United (England)
64.Arsenal (England)
65.Newcastle United (France)
66.Manchester United (England)
67.Swansea City (Ivory Coast)
68.Manchester United (France)
69.Tottenham Hotspur (England)
70.Chelsea (England)
71.Tottenham Hotspur (Spain)
72.Liverpool (Spain)
73.Manchester United (England)
74.Arsenal (Spain)
75.Swansea City (Spain)
76.Swansea City (Spain)
77.Aston Villa (Denmark)
78.Norwich City (Cameroon)
79.Newcastle United (Ivory Coast)
80.Manchester United (Brazil)
81.Southampton (England)
82.Sunderland (Italy)
83.West Bromwich Albion (England)
84.Arsenal (Spain)
85.Manchester United (Mexico)
86.Everton (France)
87.West Ham United (England)
88.West Bromwich Albion (DR Congo)
89.Everton (South Africa)
90.Everton (Ivory Coast)
91.Sunderland (Benin)
92.Southampton (England)
93.Sunderland (Scotland)
94.Arsenal (Czech Republic)
95.Newcastle United (Argentina)
96.Chelsea (Netherlands)
97.Newcastle United (Italy)
98.Southampton (England)
99.Southampton (England)
100.Norwich City (Netherlands)

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