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Can you name the French Internationals to grace the Premier League?

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Club(s)PlayerPosition (Years)
West Brom, West HamMF (2013-present)
Arsenal, Liverpool, Man' City, Bolton, Chelsea, West BromFW (1996-2014)
BoltonMF (2003–04)
Man' UnitedGK (2000–2004)
Newcastle, HullMF (2010-present)
Man' UnitedDF (2001–2003)
Sheffield Wednesday, WatfordDF (1997-2002)
NewcastleDF (2005–2006)
NewcastleMF (2011-2014)
NewcastleMF (2014-present)
LeedsDF (2003–2004)
BoltonDF (2005)
Leeds, Man' UnitedFW (1992–1997)
TottenhamMF (2013-present)
Liverpool, Aston VillaDF (2013-present)
LiverpoolMF (2002–2006)
Wigan, Tottenham, Sunderland, BlackburnDF (2005-2011)
FulhamDF (2005–2008)
Liverpool, Sunderland, QPRFW (2004-2013)
Arsenal, Man' CityDF (2003-present)
Man' CityMF (2006–2008)
Everton, Leeds, FulhamMF (1998-2009)
Newcastle, ArsenalDF (2013-present)
ChelseaDF (1998–2004)
ChelseaMF (1999–2000)
ArsenalMF (2006-present)
West HamMF (2012-2014)
Chelsea, Arsenal, PortsmouthMF (2005-2009)
Club(s)PlayerPosition (Years)
LiverpoolMF (2000–2003)
Fulham, BoltonDF (2002-2006)
Bolton, BlackburnFW (2002–2004)
BirminghamFW (2003–2004)
Man' UnitedDF (2006-2014)
West HamMF (2007–2012)
LiverpoolMF (1998–1999)
ArsenalMF (2004–present)
Chelsea, Arsenal, TottenhamDF (2001-2013)
ArsenalDF (1996–1999)
Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa, EvertonMF (1995-2002)
ArsenalFW (2012-present)
BlackburnDF (2009-2012)
Newcastle, FulhamDF (1999-2006)
SwanseaFW (2014-present)
WatfordMF (1999-2000)
NewcastleFW (1998)
ArsenalFW (1999-2012)
Tottenham, PortsmouthDF (2007-present)
Birmingham, WiganMF (2007-2010)
MiddlesbroughMF (2000–2001)
West Ham, Portsmouth, BlackburnMF (1998-2002)
ArsenalDF (2010-present)
West HamGK (1997–1998)
SunderlandFW (2001–2003)
ChelseaDF (1996–2001)
TottenhamGK (2012-present)
EvertonFW (1997–1999)
Club(s)PlayerPosition (Years)
ChelseaMF (2003–2008)
ChelseaFW (2007-2013)
Man' CityDF (2014-present)
FulhamFW (2001–2005)
Bolton, HullDF (2002-2010)
Arsenal, Man' CityMF (2008-present)
Bolton, Birmingham, LeicesterDF (2001-2009)
Newcastle, Wigan, Aston VillaMF (2004-present)
Arsenal, ChelseaMF (1997-2004)
Arsenal, Aston VillaMF (2000-2011)
Portsmouth, West HamFW (2009-2013)
Man' UnitedMF (2011-2012)
Man' UnitedDF (1995–1996)
QPR, Newcastle, ChelseaFW (2013-present)
SunderlandDF (2014-present)
Newcastle, Portsmouth, DerbyMF (2001-2008)
Arsenal, Man' CityDF (2007-present)
Newcastle, Fulham, Man' United, Everton, Tottenham, SunderlandFW (1999-2013)
LiverpoolDF (2013-present)
SouthamptonMF (2012-present)
Man' United, ArsenalDF (1999-2010)
Liverpool, BlackburnFW (2001-2006)
NewcastleMF (2013-present)
ArsenalDF (2010-2013)
Arsenal, Man' CityMF (1996-2011)
ArsenalFW (2000–2004)
NewcastleDF (2013-present)

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