British Fighters in the UFC (Current)

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Can you name the British Fighters currently in the UFC?

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Weight DivisionNameWin - Loss - Draw UFC record & Nickname
Heavyweight (Dutch and English)1-2-0 'Reem'
Heavyweight (American, English and German)6-3-0 'The Hybrid'
Light Heavyweight3-0-0 'Poster Boy'
Middleweight2-0-0 'Big Slow'
Middleweight14-5-0 'The Count'
Middleweight1-2-0 'Kong'
Welterweight6-4-0 'The Outlaw'
Welterweight7-1-0 'The Hitman'
Welterweight0-0-0 'The Cheesecake Assassin'
Weight DivisionNameWin - Loss - Draw UFC record & Nickname
Welterweight1-1-0 'Bear'
Lightweight (Northern Irish)3-0-0 'Stormin'
Lightweight7-3-0 'The Real Deal'
Featherweight1-2-0 'Little Axe'
Featherweight1-1-0 'The Warrior'
Bantamweight0-1-0 'Dangerous'
Flyweight3-3-0 'One Punch'
Flyweight1-2-0 'Billy'

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