Aston Villa - oldest and youngest

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Can you name the youngest and oldest players to appear in a Premier League match for Aston Villa?

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40y, 4d 
38y, 139d 
37y, 182d 
37y, 136d 
36y, 145d 
36y, 127d 
35y, 45d 
35y, 43d 
35y, 23d 
35y, 15d 
34y, 340d 
34y, 332d 
17y, 67d 
17y, 217d 
18y, 8d 
18y, 41d 
18y, 70d 
18y, 218d 
18y, 224d 
18y, 283d 
18y, 312d 
18y, 348d 
18y, 350d 
19y, 3d 

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