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Can you name the adrenoreceptor agonists and antagonists?

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ActionDrugExtra Info
α-1 agonistused to raise BP in acute hypotension
irreversible α-antagonistcan be used in combo with atenolol to prevent effects of large release of catecholamines during phaeochromocytoma excision
non-selective β partial agonistnot useful in angina
α-2 antagonistprodrug for alpha-methylNA, centrally acting antihypertensive
α and β antagonistused to treat hypertension in pregnancy, four isomers, 3rd gen.
adrenoreceptor agonistproduced in the adrenal gland from NA
non-selective β-agonisthas an antagonistic isomer
non-selective β-antagonistno longer used in hypertension due to bronchoconstriction
β-1 antagonistused in hypertension, cardiac dysrhytmia and angina
β blockerclass II and III antidysrhythmic action
adrenoreceptor agonistproduced in the adrenal gland from tyrosine
α-2 antagonist
β-2 antagonist
ActionDrugExtra Info
β-2 agonistused in asthma to relax bronchi
β blockerused in small doses for mild to moderate heart failure
highly selective β-1 blockerNOT ON DRUGS LIST, vasodilatation through NO release
α-1 antagonistused in hypertension as a peripheral vasodilator
α-2 agonistused in veterinary medicine for sedative effects
partial β agonistantihypertensive
non-selective α-antagonistcauses reflex tachycardia and postural hypotension
α-1 and non-selective beta antagonist3rd gen, used in heart failure
α-2 agonistfalse transmitter, centrally-acting hypertension
α-2 antagonist
β1 agonistused in acute cardiogenic shock and heart failure
α-2 agonistslightly selective, centrally-acting antihypertensive (hindbrain), omitting a single dose leads to rebound hypertension

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