Simple Horror Movie Quiz (fill-in-the-gap) 60 Second Blitzer

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Can you name the Horror Movies (fill-in-the-gap) 60 Sec Blitz?

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Movie TitleMissing WordInformation/Hints
Stephen Kings __pennywise
Land of the ____a land of zombies
The Devil's ________keanu reeves
Dawn of the ____dawn of the zombies
Hide and ____psychological thriller
Drag me to ____dont reject an old witch lady
____ Placidscary crocodile
Movie TitleMissing WordInformation/Hints
Final ___________intense disaster movies
666 : The ____devil boy
____ of the Deadcomedic horror
_____ GamesStrange brutal brit horror
The Chat____suicidal themes
Children of the ____bad kids
((One Word))31 Year-old posing as a russian kid in this gory, shocking horror

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