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Clue5-Letter Word
★John Rutsey played★
Small drink of liquor
A metric unit
Parents' Mothers
Broad smiles
Foreigner in Spanish, -o/-a
To come with
Twist forcably
Not right
Pointy part
Ordinary language
Cow crib
To lift or raise
Male escorts
You plead (2 words)
Started (past participle)
★'The struggle of the Ancients first _____'★
Caused (simple tense)
Caused (past participle)
Intolerant person
Rope's middle
★Fly By _____★
★'Got my _____s on the stars'★
Not the lows
Walkie-Talkie Inventor
★Geddy Lee★
★Rush writes★
Sound units
Clue5-Letter Word
Goose cry
Animal ankle
Worn on feet
To wet
To cleanse
To exchange
★'By-Tor _____ his foe'★
Mud earth
Bloodhound's nails
Bloodhound's lips
Bloodhound's pests
★'And the oaks ignore their _____'★
Cloth fold
Under sports shoes
Elude or swindle
Bird call
Farm animal
★'_____ed in the history of London'★
★Caress Of _____★
Cattle shelter
Upright stone slab
Not fresh
★'I _____ around in wonder'★
★'Shining _____ on summer nights'★
Roebuck partner
★2112's 5th Track'★
Grizzly, Polar, Panda, etc.
Birds' bills
German beer
Open level, as on a ship
Sporting goods store
Clue5-Letter Word
To strike with the foot
Cord curls
★A Farewell To _____★
One who doesn't Googles
Star Wars, Darklighter
Published life stories
Posted life stories
Hopping bug-eaters
Dixie _____
★'____ed in kingly guise'★
Braid of hair
★Hemispheres' 'The _____'★
★'Half the world _____'★
Cut in size
Groups in sports
Small dabbling ducks
U.S. Navy _____
Exchange for money
Tennis, Monica _____
Discounted prices
The above _____ money
★Permanent _____★
Spoke wildly
A partner
★Moving Picture's # of Tracks★
Mary Stuart's prison
To rouse
Clue5-Letter Word
Had a life
A fork is
Firmed up
Screwed (slang)
The opposing team gets
Sought favor
To wind or wrap
Will, past tense
★Signals' 'New _____ Man'★
Past tense of Wear + D
Was aware
In the water
One in water
Gives relief
Yes singer Jon _____son
★Grace _____ Pressure★
Someone to finish
To pass through
Food consumer
British informal, father
One who peels/cuts
An earnest gazer
★_____ Windows★
To crouch in 'Fear'
One who removes fruit insides
A healer
Free and clear
Blended food
To cleanse/expell
A whirlpool
A canyon
★'_____ their creativity'★
★Hold Your Fire's '_____ Ten'★
Clue5-Letter Word
Loud, in music
McHenry, Knox, Alamo, etc.
Playing a hunting horn
Plural of greatest quanity
Message board replies
Sad lips do this
Bartender does this
Bartender mixes Whiskey _____
What a bird does
What boxer does
Extra, like a tire
To frighten
★Presto's 5th Track★
What a bird does
Wild swine
The Chicago _____
Small jewelery objects
Radiohead's 2nd album
Connery, Moore, Dalton, etc.
★Roll The _____★
Drills a hole
Tiny holes
Coastal towns
★Counter_____ ★
NBC's _____ & Recreaction
Fringe Benefits
Idaho's Twin _____
Two or more of this fruit
★Test For Echo's 'Dog _____'★
What one cries
Burning the surface
UNIX archive files
A fragment
A variety of beet
Clue5-Letter Word
Burning slightly
2000 US Election, Hanging _____
Stores casks
★'_____ Lightning'★
Hobbits' Military Leader
★Vapor _____s★
To swing
Natural talent
Film: The _____ Witch Project
More of sky's color
★'The Soviets are the _____'★
Adheres together
Pouring sounds
Powers electronics
Fruit, sugar_____
Populated by poor
Hitting with force
Hitting with hands
Sounds with fingers
Potter's Professor
★Feedback's '_____s of Things'★
Quick movements
★_____s & Arrows★
★Neil's upbeat★
Mysterious/imaginary animal
Light meal
Quick, sharp sound
★_____work Angels★

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