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InfoWorld Leader
Founder of the People's Republic of China, launched the 'Great Leap Forward' and the 'Cultural Revolution'
Leader of Italian Fascism, annexed Ethiopia and Albania, alligned himself with Nazi Germany
First U.S. President who visited Communist China, resigned as consequence of the 'Watergate Affair'
Last Serbian communist leader, President of Yugoslavia, accused of war crimes
Military dictator of Chile, overthrew elected marxist government of Salvador Allende
Two-time Prime Minister of Israel, signed the 'Oslo Accords', assassinated in 1995
Spanish dictator, ruled the country for 36 years after nationalists had won civil war
President of the Philippines, ruled under Martial Law, overthrown by popular uprising in 1986
Longest serving Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, in office during reunification
Chief of Soviet communists from 1964 to 1982, under his leadership Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan were invaded
British Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War II, known for appeasement policy towards Nazi Germany
Turkish revolutionary, founder and first President of modern Turkey, introduced secular system
President of Egypt, signed a peace treaty with Israel, murdered in 1981
Long-time dictator of the Dominican Republic, responsible for killing 20,000 Haitian civilians during 'Parsley Massacre'
Vietnamese revolutionary and independence fighter, first President of communist Vietnam
French General and President, led the 'Free French Forces'
Last Emperor of Ethiopia, deposed by left-wing military officers in 1974
Polish President and co-founder of 'Solidarnosc', won Nobel Peace Prize in 1983
First and longest-serving Prime Minister of India, co-founder of the 'Non-Aligned Movement'
Two-time Swedish Prime Minister, shot dead while in office in 1986
Romanian communist dictator, overthrown in bloody revolution 1989
South Korean General and authoritarian President, credited with modernization and economic development of his country, assassinated in 1979
Religious and ideological leader of the Iranian Revolution, first Supreme leader of Iranian theocracy
InfoWorld Leader
Only U.S. president to have served more than two terms, introduced the 'New Deal', died shortly before the end of World War II
East German communist leader for 21 years, ordered the construction of the Berlin Wall
Prime Minister of Portugal, long time leader of right-wing dictatorship
Long-time leader of mainland China, later ruler over Taiwan, led the Chinese nationalists during civil war
Soviet dictator, oversaw the 'Great Purge'
Most prominent anti-Apartheid fighter, political prisoner for 27 years, eventually became President of South Africa
Authoritarian President of Syria for 30 years, died in 2000, succeeded by his son
'Iron Lady', British Prime Minister during the Falklands War
Czechoslovak dissident, President of Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic
Libyan revolutionary and dictator, advocate of 'Islamic Socialism', overthrown in 2011
Authoritarian President of Argentina, his wife is subject of a famous musical
Yugoslav partisan leader and statesman, co-founder of the 'Non-Aligned Movement'
Ruled Indonesia for 32 years, invaded East Timor, resigned in 1998 after bloody demonstrations
German dictator, mainly responsible for war in Europe and Holocaust
Resistance fighter against Rhodesia's all-white government, dictatorial ruler of Zimbabwe
Last leader of communist Poland, head of the ruling military regime 1981-1983
Cuban revolutionary and political ruler, transformed Cuba into a communist country
Zionist leader, proclaimed the establishment of Israel, of which he would become first Prime Minister
Youngest U.S. President elected to office, promoted Apollo space program, in power during Cuban missile crisis
Iraqi dictator, invaded Iran and Kuwait, overthrown in 2003, executed in 2006
Last leader of the Soviet Union, initiated 'Glasnost' and 'Perestroika'
Ruler of North Korea for 46 years, developed the state ideology of 'Juche', referred to as the 'Great Leader'
Egyptian Colonel and President, his ideology consisted of Arab nationalism and socialism, nationalized the Suez Canal Company

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