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Can you name the television show based on several minor or recurring characters?

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CharacterShow Year
Minkus, Chet Hunter, Harvey 'Harley' Keiner1993-2000
Beverly Leslie, Rosario, Leo1998-2006
Jacopo Peterman, Uncle Leo, Newman1989-1998
David Palmer, Aaron Pierce, Cheng Zhi2001-2010
Craig Feldspar, Lavernia, Ida2000-2006
Stacy Warner, Michael Tritter, Amber Volakis2004-2012
Dean Pelton, 'Star Burns', Senõr Chang2009-present
Professor Oak, Charizard, Lance1997-present
Artemis, Rickety Cricket, the McPoyle brothers2005-present
Buzz McNab, Abigail Lytar, Mr. Yang2006-present
CharacterShow Year
William Bell, Ella, September (the Observer)2008-2013
Catherine Piper, Missy Tiggs, Donny Crane 2004-2008
Wesley Snipes, Angie Jordan, Colleen Donaghy2006-2013
Eloise Hawking, Christian Shephard, Charles Widmore2004-2010
Gunther, Janice, Ursula Buffay1994-2004
Todd Packer, Jo Bennett, Bob Vance2005-present
The Haitian, Kaito Nakamura, Bob Bishop2006-2010
Beardfacé, Hooch, Kim Briggs2001-2010
Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe, Maris, Lilith Sternin1993-2004

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