The creatures and people who are friends. Kinda

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Can you name the creatures I am talking about or the people who have nothing to do with them?

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Creature or otherPeson
He is a Girl and Draws girls with d**ks
He has a minecraft charcter named cookie monster
He plays killing floor
He farts all the time
He is very sneaky. EPO
His news is important
A friend of the creature who has HD films
He played with Sp00n before and eats
Creature or otherPeson
Not a friend but a good gamer with a pink moustache
Seamus and James played with him on one video in killing floor
He play minecraft with them. No one really liked him
Seamus played with her on F3AR
He sucks at worms and teleports
As chilled as he is
He is has a MELEE challenge
On MvM in tf2 he played with kootra
He plays zombies. But he dosent play with the creatures

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