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Nickelodeon sponge,Sea Sponge
To be fortunate. Add a '7'.Dog
Met's Mascot.Mascot
Synonym of mom or mother.Gorilla
Sound a turkey makes.Turkey
Baked chocolate treat + Another chocolate dessert.Dog
Metal coil.Dog
Synonym of dad or father.Bear
Berry that grows in the wild.Snake
Color of the ocean. Add Y.Bear
Baked chocolate treat + Dairy dessert.Bear
Nintendo star, Literally.Star Fish
Lacking physical coordination.Aku from 'Samurai Jack'
Chocolate + graham cracker + marshmallowDog
Nickelodeon star fish.Star Fish
Green Nintendo characterHuman
A pink summer drink.Zebra
Fuzzy fruit. Add Y.Dog
Green tropical fruit.Bear
Brown spice, made from a bark.Wolf
Baked chocolate treat. Add a '2'.Boxer
Fried Hotdog.Character from Popeye
Baked chocolate treat + Ice cream treat.Dog
Red sonic character.Echidna
Golden ice cream syrup.Dog
Yellow Nintendo characterHuman
Deer from 'Open Season'Deer
Dalmation name.Dalmation
Color of the ocean. Add Y and a '2'.Bear
Blue Sega CharacterHedgehog
Frozen water. Add Y.Snowman
Baked chocolate dessert + Cold treat.Wolf
To utter in a thin, shrill voice. Add Y.Mouse
A hotcake with a blue fruit in it.Dog
Baked chocolate treat.Dog
Baked chocolate dessert + A cookieDog
Lemonade made with limes.Dog
Baked chocolate treat + HotcakeDog
Marvel hero.Human
The opposite flavor of chocolate.Dog
Red berry.Cat
Red Nintendo characterHuman
A small room, another name for a locker.Bear
A small cake baked in a cup-shaped container.Bear
Attacking using your leg. Add Y.Panda
Red fruit.Wolf
White, cold, powder from the sky. Add Y.Snowman
To be fortunate.Dog
______ the snowman, minus Y.Snowman
Chocolate confection.Bull

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