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The Rock Bottom - The People's Elbow
Attitude Adjustment - STF
LeBell Lock - Guillotine choke
Ankle Lock - Olympic Slam
RKO - Punt Kick
Anaconda Vice - Go to Sleep
Styles Clash
Sweet Chin Music
Sharpshooter - Spike Piledriver
Tombstone Piledriver - Last Ride - Hell's Gate
Skull-Crushing Finale
Five-Star Frog Splash
Atomic Leg Drop
Double Arm DDT - Mandible Claw
Codebreaker - Walls of Jericho
619 - Frog Splash
F-5 - Brock Lock
Batista Bomb - Batista Bite
Scissors Kick - Book End
Cross Armbreaker
Chokeslam - WMD
Brogue Kick - High Cross
Killswitch - Spear
The Swanton Bomb - Twist of Fate/Hate
Chokeslam from Hell - Tombstone Piledriver - Last Ride
World's Strongest Slam

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