Nintendo Characters Part 1

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The Mustachioed Plumber
The oddly tall elf
An Electric Mouse Pokemon
A pink marshmallow. Not from Mario.
A certain plumber's brother
A famous boxer who's initials are LM
A bounty hunter with an epic suit
One crazy gorilla
A princess who's always in another castle
One of the Four Swords
Another one
And another one!
Someone who has a diet for blue ghosts
Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Sue are...
A blue hedgehog
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Yellow flying fox
A good or bad echidna
The fox with a gun
The guy who discovered Pikmin
The pink Yoshi
The Green Birdo
One little red baby
A hog who wants the TriForce
Olimar's friend, his name starts with L
Sonic's Evil Clone(hedgehog)
Sonic's Evil Clone(robot)
The frog from Blaster Master
A truly MEGA person
A frog who doesn't exactly like veggies
Aw, these GUYS aren't that SHY.

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