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Offered religious toleration but declared that the death penalty would be used as punishment for any person who denied the divinity of jesus
These people would agree to work for a specified number of years in order for their passage into the New World
This new type of business organization provided the financial support for ventures in New World
Established a colonial defense, against Native Americans, the dutch and the French
First governor of Plymouth
This person served as a governor and established theocracy
Who led a group of freedmen to protest Native American policies because they felt that the policies were too lenient and hurt the lives of freedmen?
Only the firstborn son could inherit the family wealth
Large plantation-type farm established by the Dutch along the Hudson River in the 1600s
What colony was founded by Puritans who desired to reform the Church of England and to practice their religion freely
'City of Brotherly Love'
A person found guilty of being a witch was subject to death
A colony controlled by the crown with the governor appointed by the crown
Banished from Massachusetts Bay for his support of a complete break from the Church and a belief in the separation of church and state
This man was interested in prison reform
Some hostility between the Native Americans and the settlers diminished, through the efforts of what person?
Colonies that chose their own governors
He perfected tobacco
Jamestown was saved when what man took command, and forced men to work for food
Protestant Reformation and Henry VIII's break with the Catholic Church in the 1530s gave birth to what colony
Nonviolent means of achieving goals
Laws that dictated how people should behave
This policy resulted in a decrease of the English government's involvement with the colonies
Restricted town meeting, controlled the courts, press and schools.
The leading producer of tobacco in the colonies (a place)
This system encouraged people to come to Virginia by giving 50 acres of land to any person who paid for the passage of another.
A joint stock company that received a charter from James I to settle in the New world
Maryland was settled by who in 1634?
A colony owned by a person or group who appointed the governor
Most people who left England to the New World were what kind of people?

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