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Phrases and MascotsBrandYear Released
Alien with a propellar
Construction Worker
The little man always wants to hide his Charms
Sponsored 'The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickcock'
This bird is coo coo!
The POSTman said 'They're A-B-C-Delicious!'
Barney would always steal them from Fred
'Barney! My ______'
Tony thinks 'They're GRRRRaaate!'
No Mascot but, they can help your heart
Now it's a crazy apple & CinniMon stick
Quaker Cap'n
He added some fruit to the cruch
Now some peanuts & Butter
Kids would transform into a rabid rodent 'Me Want ______'
Phrases and MascotsBrandYear Released
Kid Tested, Mother Approved
How do they cram in all that graham?
Officer Crumb, The Crook, and Chip
The hard to please 4-year-old Mikey
Toucan Sam and his fruity rings of goodness
Breakfast of Champions
The vampire loves them
Frankie prefers strawberry
The Ghost of the house is feeling blue
This was a short tribute to the warewolf
How about marshmellows for Mummy
The frog 'Digs'em'
Can't get enough of that _____ ______!
Silly Rabbit, _____ are for Kids!
Snap, Crackle, Pop

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