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Can you name the LOST Deaths (S1-S5)?

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Method of DeathCharacterSeason
Gassed by the Others3
Shot by Keamy's team4
Impaled by Ana Lucia2
Shot by Sun3
Fatally wounded by Desmond2
Stabbed by the Man in Black6
Drowned in submarine6
Shot by Keamy4
Drowned in submarine6
Buried alive3
Stabbed by Ben4
Fell from cliff in plane1
Shot by Ben5
Shot/Pushed over cliff6
Shot by Ana Lucia2
Blew up bomb/Fell down well5/6
Blown up by grenade3
Sucked into turbine1
Shot by Ben6
Shot in head by Keamy4
Blown up by dynamite1
Gassed by Ben3
Method of DeathCharacterSeason
Shot by mother/Eloise Hawking5
Killed by Smoke Monster3
Throat slit by Sayid6
Strangled by Sawyer3
Stabbed by flaming arrow5
Shot by Juliet3
Shot by Michael2
Blown up by bomb6
Strangled by Ben5
Stabbed by Ben5
Throat slit by Man in Black6
Drowned in the Temple waters6
Euthanized by Jack1
Shot by Charlie1
Killed by Smoke Monster1
Blown up by dynamite6
Shot in chest by Sawyer3
Killed by Keamy and men4
Stabbed by Locke3/4
Time travel5
Shot by Michael2

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