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PlotEpisodeEpisode Number
Alien invaders kidnap Ike and abduct Cartman1-01
Jimbo and Ned take the boys on a hunting trip, weary of Scuzzlebutt1-02
Kathy Lee Gifford comes to town, stirring repressed feelings within Mr. Garrison1-03
Stan gets a new dog, Sparky, who turns out to be gay1-04
Dr. Mephisto attempts to make a pig-sized elephant1-05
Grandpa Marsh begs for Stan to kill him1-06
South Park is overrun by zombies1-07
Satan's son is South Park Elementary's newest student1-08
Cartman trades places with a malnourished Ethiopian boy1-09
Kyle, alone on Christmas, meets a new Christmas icon1-10
Mr. Garrison gets a nose job1-11
Barbara Streisan wreaks havoc upon South Park1-12
Cartman attempts to discover the identity of his father1-13
Saddam Hussein takes over Canada, with help from Ugly Bob2-01
Cartman continues to discover the identity of his father2-02
Officer Barbrady attempts to catch a man raping chickens2-03
Kyle attempts to save Ike from being circumcised2-04
The kids face off against China in a dodgeball championship2-05
Jimbo and Ned take the boys to find a deadly animal2-06
The bus breaks down, the kids recall old episodes2-07
The town creates the biggest 'snake' firework2-08
PlotEpisodeEpisode Number
The Sundance Film Festival comes to South Park2-09
Kenny spreads Chicken Pox2-10
The boys thwart the plans of an evil planetarium2-11
Stan and Kyle long to play Truth or Dare with girls2-12
An annual festival is held in South Park, resulting in the death of two tourists2-13
A nice Cartman with a goattee appears2-14
The boys celebrate Christmas with a notorious killer2-15
Mystical creatures are stealing Tweak's underwear for profit2-16
The boys find a frozen prehistoric man...from 19962-17
The South Park choir visits Costa Rica3-01
Kenny randomly explodes3-02
Chef begins unknowingly dating a demon3-03
Cartman discovers two annoying supposed extinct creatures3-04
The boys manipulate two of their own to fight3-05
The boys visit a land of unused mascots3-06
Mr. Kitty is in heat3-07
Randy and Gerald experiment when alone3-08
Moses visits Kyle, Kenny, and Ike3-09
Korn visits town, stirring up ghosts3-10
Japan formulates a plan to take over American youth3-11
Kyle flirts with a homeschooled girl3-12
PlotEpisodeEpisode Number
The boys visit another planet3-13
Cartman leads a second Confederate Army to victory over the Union3-14
Jesus plans a New Year's party3-15
The boys discover a musical note with devastating effects3-16
Kyle becomes an existential being4-01
Cartman is sent to prison4-02
The students become hooked on Ritalin4-03
Stan's family adopts five more children4-04
Cartman becomes the poster boy for a group of molestors4-05
Natural remedies become popular in South Park4-06
Chef moves to change the racist South Park flag4-07
The boys form a famous boy band4-08
The boys become concerned with the rules of their religion4-09
The boys start their own church4-10
Mr. Garrison trains the children's new teacher4-11
A man travels from the future to destroy Cartman's school supplies4-12
The boys put on a Thanksgiving show4-13
Great Expectations is reimagined4-14
Kenny becomes a TV icon when by doing revolting stunts4-15
The boys are left alone to rule the town4-16
The boys create a Christmas short film4-17

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