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Starting LetterInstrumentClue
AButton or Keyboard?
BFamously Scottish
CEnglish Horn
DLowest of the strings
EBrass instrument - name derived from the Greek for 'sweet voiced'
FParlez-vous fran├žais?
GWill you be the next Jimi Hendrix?
HMost Commonly with 47 strings
IA Hawaiian Rattle
JDon't hurt your teeth!
KDon't be a buzz kill - hum in tune
LYou might hear one of these in Heaven
MKeyboard or wind instrument or both?
NMongolian war drum
OWoodwind with a double reed
PSmaller and higher than a flute
QObscure wind instrument
RTurn it upside down and all the little bits fall to the other side...sounds a bit like a storm is coming!
SFamously played by Lisa Simpson
TThere were 76 of them in a famous song
UHawaiian stringed instrument
VDid someone step on a cat?
WI don't think you need as much air as the name suggests! Magical sounding!
XWooden percussion
YChinese bowed string instrument
ZA Flat sound board with about 30-40 strings

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