NHL Team Timeline

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Can you name the original, expansion, relocated, renamed and defunct teams of the National Hockey League?

Updated Jul 8, 2014

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YearTeamTeam Type (Province/State)
1917-18Original (QC)
1917-18Original - Final Season (QC)
1917-18Original (ON)
1917-18Original (ON)
1919-20Original/Expansion (QC)
1919-20Name Change (ON)
1920-21Relocation (QC -> ON)
1924-25Expansion (MA)
1924-25Final Season (ON)
1924-25Expansion (QC)
1925-26Expansion (NY)
1925-26Expansion (PA)
1926-27Expansion (IL)
1926-27Expansion (MI)
1926-27Expansion (NY)
1926-27Name Change (ON)
1930-31Name Change (MI)
1930-31Relocation - Final Season (PA -> PA)
1931-32Hiatus (ON)
1932-33Name Change (MI)
1932-33Return from hiatus (ON)
YearTeamTeam Type (Province/State)
1934-35Relocation - Final Season (ON -> MO)
1937-38Final Season (QC)
1941-42Name Change - Final Season (NY)
1967-68Expansion - Name Change (CA)
1967-68Expansion (CA)
1967-68Expansion (MN)
1967-68Expansion (PA)
1967-68Expansion (PA)
1967-68Expansion (MO)
1970-71Expansion (NY)
1970-71Name Change (CA)
1970-71Expansion (BC)
1972-73Expansion (GA)
1972-73Expansion (NY)
1974-75Expansion (MO)
1974-75Expansion (DC)
1976-77Relocation (CA -> OH)
1976-77Relocation (MO -> CO)
1977-78Final Season (OH)/Merge with (MN)
1979-80Expansion (AB)
1979-80Expansion (CT)
YearTeamTeam Type (Province/State)
1979-80Expansion (QC)
1979-80Expansion (MB)
1980-81Relocation (GA -> AB)
1982-83Relocation (CO -> NJ)
1986-87Name Change (IL)
1991-92Expansion (CA)/De-merge from (MN)
1992-93Expansion (ON)
1992-93Expansion (FL)
1993-94Expansion (CA)
1993-94Relocation (MN -> TX)
1993-94Expansion (FL)
1995-96Relocation (QC -> CO)
1996-97Relocation (MB -> AZ)
1997-98Relocation (CT -> NC)
1998-99Expansion (TN)
1999-2000Expansion (GA)
2000-01Expansion (OH)
2000-01Expansion (MN)
2006-07Name Change (CA)
2011-12Relocation (GA -> MB)
2014-15Name Change (AZ)

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