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Math Questions Answers
b^2 - 4ac in the quadratic equation.
The function obtained by switching the x- and y-variables in a function.
The distance from a real number to zero on a number line.
A polynomial with three terms.
In the quadratic formula, what is -b +/- the sqare root of b^2 -4ac being divided by?
A number that can be written in the form of a+bi, where 'a' and 'b' are real.
Math Questions Answers
a + bi and a - bi are called...
A set of ordered pairs is a...
The set of all the first coordinates in a relation is the...
f(x)= ax^2 + bx + c is a ______ function.
An 'exponent finding machine.'
3^2 = 9 expressed in logarithmic form is...
A _____ is a relation in which each member of the domain is paired with exactly one member of the range.
The graph of a constant function will be a _____ line.
The set of all the second coordinates in a relation is the...

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