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Can you name the Books/Song/Movie that the Charmed episodes are referencing?

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Episode TitleBook/Song/MovieReferences
1: Something Wicca This Way ComesShakespeare Play
1: Something Wicca This Way ComesRay Bradbury Novel
1: Something Wicca This Way Comes1983 Movie starring Jonathon Pryce
2: [Song Title Reference]Frank Sinatra Song
3: Thank You For Not MorphingSigns seen everywhere
4: Dead Man Dating1995 movie starring Susan Sarandon
5: Dream SorcererGary Wright song (and Album)
5: Dream Sorcerer1987 movie starring Robert Englund
5: Dream SorcererBobby Darin Song
6: The Wedding [Referenced]Phrase meaning 'awful occaision'
8: The Truth Is Out There And It HurtsTV Show
8: The Truth Is Out There [Referenced]Common Phrase
9: The Witch is BackElton John Song
10: Wicca EnvyFreudian Theory regarding an inferiority complex women have in regard to men
11: Feats of Clayphrase that refers to a person's weakness
13: From Fear to Eternity1953 movie
14: Secrets and GuysCommon Saying and 1996 Movie
Episode TitleBook/Song/MovieReferences
15: Is There a Woogy in the House?a Saying
16: Which Prue is it Anyway?TV Show
17: That 70's EpisodeTV Show
19: Out of SightCommon Expression
2.2: Morality Bites1994 movie starring Winona Ryder
2.5: She's a Man, Baby, A ManMovie starring Mike Myers
2.7: They're EverywhereMovie
2.8: P3 H20Movie
2.9: Ms HellfireMovie
2.10: Heartbreak CityElvis Song
2.17: How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans1995 movie
3.17: Pre-witchedTV Show
3.9: Coyote PiperMovie
7:18: Little Box of HorrorsMovie
8:21: Kill Billie: Vol 2Movie
8:2: Malice in WonderlandBook/Movie

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