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Can you name the names of video games that were anagrammed?

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AnagramGame Title
Defeated Soothe? Huh
Took Lamb Mart
Five-Joule Wit
Aide Nag Jinn
A Gladsome Liter
Drank Cob
Rusty Ox Tariff Sox
Godfather Taunt
Gamma En
Me Beer Film
A Convectional Endured
Rich Tenor Grog
Flea Sponsor Troy
I Toil Via Zinc
Avidly Mercy
Neurotic Treks
Sick Hobo
Try Dungeon Knock, Yo
Snotty Freshmen Cede a Kilt
Hasty Spartan
Roman Hat
Jar Wither Mom
A Huger Trio
Dryer's Ink Lambda
AnagramGame Title
Rehab Donut
Slain Caveat
Holidays' Sins
A Calculated Oven's Servo
Fancier, Soppier
A Confetti Wellness
Goatherd Minks
Amen, Forecast
Long Dunes
Faerie Gems Op
Got Squander
Alas, Fat Finny
Calm Vamp Covers
Forager Saw
Carrot Dwarf Wolf
Barrier Opossum
Veiled Insert
A Focused Sloth Swoosh
A Bacon Storm Slogged a Retroactive Left Pop
Let Shin ill
Register Theft
Fraud Feedlot
Ode Trim
Skintight Voles
AnagramGame Title
Drag Woof
All Tofu
Massacring Lion
Avoided Earl
Foul Dactyl
Air Is Duck
Jaded Rank Tax
Backyard's Founder
Celled Sloths Err
Lovable Mocha Voted
Stream Softer
Ocean Treaty
Bogs Slog Ninths
I Forbear Heft
Demon Poker
If Ha Fell
Dozenth Felled Age
I, Jean Oak Bozo
Fabled Title
Aborted Rim
Passers' Rhombus
Echoed Eighth Song

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