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Can you name the names of video games that were anagrammed?

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AnagramGame Title
Register Theft
Defeated Soothe? Huh
Goatherd Minks
Took Lamb Mart
Stream Softer
Demon Poker
Aborted Rim
Me Beer Film
Backyard's Founder
Bogs Slog Ninths
Got Squander
A Bacon Storm Slogged a Retroactive Left Pop
Amen, Forecast
Drag Woof
I Forbear Heft
Sick Hobo
A Confetti Wellness
Veiled Insert
Rehab Donut
Passers' Rhombus
Jar Wither Mom
Fancier, Soppier
Celled Sloths Err
Gamma En
AnagramGame Title
Snotty Freshmen Cede a Kilt
Faerie Gems Op
Dryer's Ink Lambda
Drank Cob
Jaded Rank Tax
Skintight Voles
Foul Dactyl
Neurotic Treks
I Toil Via Zinc
A Huger Trio
Holidays' Sins
Fabled Title
Avoided Earl
Massacring Lion
Ode Trim
Roman Hat
A Convectional Endured
Fraud Feedlot
Godfather Taunt
Avidly Mercy
Rich Tenor Grog
Forager Saw
Lovable Mocha Voted
Let Shin ill
AnagramGame Title
Five-Joule Wit
All Tofu
Echoed Eighth Song
Alas, Fat Finny
If Ha Fell
Air Is Duck
Flea Sponsor Troy
Barrier Opossum
I, Jean Oak Bozo
A Focused Sloth Swoosh
Try Dungeon Knock, Yo
Slain Caveat
A Calculated Oven's Servo
Calm Vamp Covers
Ocean Treaty
Hasty Spartan
Rusty Ox Tariff Sox
Long Dunes
Dozenth Felled Age
A Gladsome Liter
Carrot Dwarf Wolf
Aide Nag Jinn

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