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Can you identify these English kings and
Executed by her sister whose religious views she did not share
Last of the Stuarts and mother of 17 children, none of whom lived to adulthood
defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hastings
Began the Star Chamber, the predecessor of Parliament
Only king beheaded by Parliamentary decree
Was killed when one of his servants shot an arrow through his eye, also called “Rufus”
Cried “a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” at the Battle of Bosworth Field, according to Shakespeare
Is responsible for the most popular translation of the Bible
Fought in the Crusades, known as 'Lionheart'
brought from France to end the Interregnum
Can you identify these English kings and
Ruled jointly with her husband, William of Orange
Signed Magna Carta, 1215
queen at 19, also known as 'the grandmother of Europe'
“the accidental king,” led his nation bravely through WWII
Trained as a driver and mechanic, drove a military truck, and rose to the rank of Junior Commander in WWII
Married his older brother’s widow and five others
Said to have been walled behind a stone staircase in the Tower of London with his brother
last king of America
abdicated when he 'could not live without the woman I love'
Shakespeare's queen

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