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A prince (later king) known as 'The Disenchanted' - former prisoner of the silver chair
Caspian and his friends found this lord, along with two others, deep in sleep on the star's island
A Calormene Tarkaan who conspires with the ape Shift
Centaur in The Last Battle who predicts disaster
This good giant was a stone statue before Aslan restored him
He was rescued from the Dark Island where dreams come true
He turned to gold when he went for a swim on Deathwater Island
One of the sailors on the Dawn Treader
Calormene prince who tries to invade Archenland and is turned into a donkey
A retired star who lived on an island with his daughter, near the world's edge
Greatest king of Archenland, son of Cor and Aravis
Most valiant and chief of the talking mice

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