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Greatest king of Archenland, son of Cor and Aravis
Calormene prince who tries to invade Archenland and is turned into a donkey
He was rescued from the Dark Island where dreams come true
One of the sailors on the Dawn Treader
This good giant was a stone statue before Aslan restored him
Caspian and his friends found this lord, along with two others, deep in sleep on the star's island
A retired star who lived on an island with his daughter, near the world's edge
Centaur in The Last Battle who predicts disaster
Most valiant and chief of the talking mice
A prince (later king) known as 'The Disenchanted' - former prisoner of the silver chair
He turned to gold when he went for a swim on Deathwater Island
A Calormene Tarkaan who conspires with the ape Shift

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