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adventurous human boy
wise magic dog
candy kingdom princess
insane ruler of the ice kingdom
the vampire queen
finn & jake's computer
lives in lumpy space
jake's girlfriend
finn's new crush
the #1 penguin
bubblegum's butler
the cute little elephant
the clumsy cinnamon guy
pure evil and can possess people
bubblegum's first experiment gone wrong
marceline's dad
the robot that finn made
tree trunk's boyfriend
the greatest warrior ever
talks about self in 3rd person (candy)
little fire thing who doesnt believe in ninjas
the ice king's heart (yes its a character)
possibly human or fish person
merchant who gives f&j items
was a jerk on Ooo for 200 years
princess who works at library
tastes like old hotdog water
ruler of the land of the dead
flame princess' dad
trapped finn in a dream
princess who almost got assassinated
princess who is in the 50th dead world
appears in dreams that predict the future
only character to break 4th wall (graybles)

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