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At what age did girls start getting married
This is the first stage of education
Ages of Moral Education
This is the place the ludus litterarius was held
The Teacher's Throne
Our president is very good at this
For what profession would students learn with a rhetor
What did children sit upon in the ludus
Oratory teacher
Who walked the student to school?
This is the third stage of education
Student's homework
Three Rs
What students carried with them to school in the morning
Students never attended school on this day
Ages of Ludus Litterarius
When did school start?
This was very expensive
Teacher instruction
A boy's is to his state; a girl to her family
What was the teacher's scepter?
Secondary teacher
'The scratcher'
What were controversiae?
Primary School Teacher
Legible comes from this word
List a holiday/season students had a break
This is the fifth stage of education
The grammaticus primarily taught what
This is the second stage of education
What day did school start?
Ages of Grammaticus
What students wrote on
What were suasoriae?
This is the fourth stage of education
Docent comes from this word
The best teachers were this ethnicity
What was the goal of being educated?
Teachers during the moral education
What students shared in ludus
Scribble comes from this word

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