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Do you come from the ____ of love?Men at Work
She wanted to ____ her husbandKate Bush
Time has brought your ____ to meChristina Perri
Well someone told me _________The Police
I once had a ____ or should i say she once had meThe Beatles
A whole lot of spending _____George Harrison
Or a reading from dr _____REM
I sit alone at home and i ___ over youThe Beatles
I never thought i'd ____ you, half as much as i doMadness
I'm taking all your little ____ awayDavid Byrne
See the life i've had can make a good man turn ___The Smiths
I wish you were here my dear, dear ____John Lennon
We dress the same ways, only our _______ changeStereophonics
You live your life like a ______ in a colemineThe Police
Cause finally the tables are starting to turn, talkin' bout a __________Tracy Chapman
You and __ and __ and youThe Turtles
She aint no _____ and I love the way she twitchT.Rex
I see a red door and I want it painted _____The Rolling Stones
She cried to the ________ windELO/The Electric Light Orchestra
Do you really think, she'll ____ through? The Smiths
Can you tell me where my _______ lies?Genesis
I, would like to _____ out my handRusted Root
She looks just like those girls in _____ Scouting for Girls
They seek him ____, they seek him thereThe Kinks
Oh, the ________ feeling, just to knowVic Demone
Mommy had, a little ____ Talking Heads
So i sat in the attick, a _____ up my nosePaul McCartney
Hey mr ___________ where have you been?Lindisfarne
And a ________ eyes, can't help but seeBobby Vee
Standing on the water, casting your ______ Bob Dylan

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