EastEnders Characters of the Past

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Role played byCharacter's first nameHint
Laurie BrettPut-upon wife
Lacey TurnerKilled Archie Mitchell
Ross KempOne of 2 brothers
Linda DavidsonPunky mother of baby Annie
Ace BhattiNasty doctor
Cheryl FergisonGeorge Michael's biggest fan
Anna WingFowler matriarch, mother of Pauline & Pete
Michelle CollinsMother of Steven, Peter & Lucy
Roberta TaylorMother of EastEnder's first Tiffany
Gillian TaylforthMother of Ian Beale & Ben Mitchell
Pooky QuesnelMax's ex-wife
Tiana BenjaminThe elder of Denise's 2 daughters
Angela WynterWife of Patrick
Role played byCharacter's first nameHint
Wendy RichardMother of Mark, Michelle & Martin
Michael FrenchSon of Pat, father of Bianca
Gretchen FranklinDot's best friend
John BardonPatrick's drinking partner
Leslie GranthamDied..twice?!
Dean GaffneyOne of Carol's sons, friend of Wellard
Louisa LyttonGangster's daughter; was Stacey's best friend for a while
Susan TullyHad baby Vicky by Den Watts
Tony CaunterMade the fatal mistake of marrying Janine
Charlie ClementsTragically died in live episode
David SpinxLayabout father of Darren & Demi
Anita DobsonOriginal landlady of the Vic

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