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Which actor played the part of the Hulk?
And who played his alter-ego, David Banner?
Which legendary American TV Producer created the show?
In which year was the show first broadcast?
Which actor originally played the Hulk, and can still be seen in one scene?
How many series of the show were made?
What was the name of the reporter who relentlessly chased the Hulk?
And which actor played this role?
What colour did the producer originally want the Hulk to be?
And which comic book legend persuaded him to keep the Hulk green?
How many TV movies of the Hulk were made?
Complete the famous line; 'Don't make me angry.....'
Which Addams Family actor provided the Hulk's 'roar' for much of the series?
Who was David Banner's doomed research assistant in the series pilot?
What type of radiation did Banner subject himself to which caused the change in him?
What was the name of the sad piano music, played at the end of every episode?
In which classic 2-part episode did Banner lose his memory?
Which character did Banner marry at the start of Series 2?
Which 'Sex and the City' actress appeared in the episode, 'Kindred Spirits'
In which year was the TV show's final episode?

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