Cryptical Music Artists II

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Can you name the music acts from the cryptic clues?

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This foe isn't private
Sad Notes
He's fantastic at telling on others
Eve's man and his collection of insects
Rub out Midge
Symphonic movements at night
Heroic Hobo
Huge Onslaught
Clinton's Cranium
Fantastic bushy creatures
Easy Brains
Metallic Airship
Norman Stanley Fletcher's penitentiary
Desert water
John, Edward, and Robert
Mr Quayle's feeling fortified
Rulers of Trotsky
Freezing Production
Funny Bone
If Betty and Wilma were royalty
Fresh infants on the slab
Those women have no clothes on!
These siblings are 100% male
Darkest Sunday
Chattering Skulls
Will's bubbly chocolate
Jerry's enemy is somewhat immaterial
Hysteria in the nightclub

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