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He became the third member of Demolition
Carried an American Flag and 2X4 to the ring
The Powers of Pain: The Warlord and...
First Issac Yankem, then 'Diesel', now..
The All American...American...American...American...
I'm one half of the British Bulldogs, and my name is NOT Davey Boy Smith
'Hello Ladies!'
The Lethal Weapon
Ted DiBiase's mystery partner at Survivor Series 1990
I started the LWO
Debuted in the WWF as a bodyguard for Motley Crue
aka The Belfast Bruiser
It's not a skirt, it's a kilt!
His wrestling surname is in honor of the late Gorilla Monsoon
His pets include: Damien, Lucifer, and Revelation
'Ohhhh Yeahh!!! Dig it!'
I once carried around cologne called Arrogance
Man of 1,004 holds
Runner Up in the 1995 King of the Ring Tournament
Either Sensational or Scary...Sometimes a Queen
World's most dangerous man
Motorcycle accident caused him to wrestle with a prosthetic foot
Died at Over the Edge 1999
Sadly. he became paralyzed from a botched D'Lo Brown powerbomb
Winner of NXT Season 1
'You want a war? You're gonna get one.'
Winner of Tough Enough Season 1 (male)
Sexual Chocolate
This guy was a wrestling plumber
Kicked out of Nexus for losing to John Cena
You'll never forget the name...
Cousin of Butch Miller
Went from first Intercontinental Champion to McMahon's Stooge
Was undefeated until losing to Ludvig Borga
The Ugandan Giant
I tried to look like Little Richard before becoming Marvelous
Kliq member NOT involved in the MSG Curtain Call Incident
The REAL singer of 'With My Baby Tonight'
The African Dream
Winner of NXT Season 2
Leader of the stable 'Revolution'
Thrown through a barber shop window
Won the 2nd Royal Rumble ever
Butterbean destroyed him in 17 seconds at WrestleMania XV
Never worked for WCW, but is currently married to a Nitro girl
Mr. Monday Night
I tripped through a wall and my helmet fell off when I debuted
Wrestler that made the Ultimate Warrior vomit on television
First man ever eliminated from a Royal Rumble Match
Once fell in love with a mop
Host of The Peep Show
Gave birth to a hand
Booker T's brother
His grooming tips will help you become...Dashing!
Hawk's long-time tag team partner
His head was shaved at SummerSlam 1998
Everybody has a price
He likes to eat the ring's turnbuckles
Formed the New Foundation with Owen Hart
Canada's Strongest Man
1/2 of Power and Glory with Hercules
Fed Al Snow his own dog, Pepper
Wore embarrassing polka dots with Sapphire in the WWF
Sold by Bobby Heenan to Ted DiBiase
Turned on his brother at SuperBrawl VIII, joining the nWo
Winner of Tough Enough Season 1 (female)
Quit the WWF in 2001 when his then-wife, The Kat, was released
The Rock eliminated this wrestler last to win the 2000 Royal Rumble
Won the 2006 WWE Diva Search
aka Col. Mustafa
Named first World Champion on WWE TV by Raw GM Eric Bischoff
'...and that's the bottom line, because I said so'
Tallest member of Raven's Flock
Lasted 1 hour 1 min 10 seconds in the 1993 Royal Rumble
Ended Bill Goldberg's Streak of 173 victories
Was originally known as the Dingo Warrior
Bodyguard of Ted DiBiase
Son of Polish Power
Died just hours before In Your House: Badd Blood
'..and that's an order!!'
Debuted as a Deacon in 2002
The Headbangers: Mosh and...
The Japanese Buzzsaw
Debuted in the WWF as manager of Essa Rios
Retired by Sheamus
Was screwed in Montreal
Won the WWF Championship Tournament at the 1998 Survivor Series
Body-slammed Yokozuna on board the USS Intrepid
Ran over Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1999
Self High Five!
This guy was a wrestling Garbage Man
My main squeeze was Luna Vachon
The nWo had their own version of this wrestler
Tony Atlas competed in the 1991 Royal Rumble under this name...
He was the King at WrestleMania V
3 I's: Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence
Simply Ravishing

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