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DefinitionWORD word
A type of computer search.
It accompanies your User ID.
A pun is a form of this.
Write it again in a different way.
Introduction to a book.
A trendy term often overused.
A person skilled in writing and language.
A type of puzzle found in newspapers.
Oral communication, often how gossip spreads.
Repeating it exactly as it was said.
19 Century Romantic poet William ___.
A term with all affixes removed.
Word processing leader dethroned by Microsoft Word.
Kids get their mouth washed with soap for using one.
In arguments, someone likes to get the ___ ___ in.
Front-page Sporcle quiz where terms are scrambled.
Front-page Sporcle quiz where terms are absent.
Front-page Sporcle quiz where terms change and evolve.
Using an unnecessarily large amount of words.

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