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Can you name the new words by adding letters to the middle of the existing words?

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WordExpanded WordClue (# of added letters)
BirdA place to advertise (+5)
BallSomething Jack LaLanne would use (+3)
BellYou play with it by the ocean (+5)
ToneIt carries epitaphs (+5)
GlenMake happier (+3)
HandSome books come this way (+5)
LineIt's often a Lincoln, Cadillac, or Hummer (+5)
AbleIt can be an adjective before snowman (+6)
HopeIt's printed daily in the paper (+5)
TierA microwave or a shortcut can be this (+5)
WordExpanded WordClue (# of added letters)
PeerAround the outside (+5)
HeedPaused (+5)
FillHackers don't like this (+4)
CareA fine, soft wool (+4)
HarePunk rock is sometimes described as this (+4)
EastThe most simple (+3)
PierA type of beer (+3)
PealCeaseless (+5)
BoreBarnes & Noble, e.g. (+5)
HateLSD might make you do this (+7)

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