Who's Played More NBA Playoff Games?

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Can you name the player in each pair below that has played in more NBA playoff games?

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Who's Played More?A or B?
A) Kareem or B) Shaq
A) Michael Jordan or B) Scottie Pippen
A) Karl Malone or B) Kobe Bryant
A) Robert Horry or B) Jason Kidd
A) Bird or B) Magic
A) Robert Parish or B) Bill Russell
A) John Havlicek or B) Jerry West
A) LeBron or B) Antonio McDyess
A) Isiah Thomas or B) Steve Nash
A) Cazzie Russell or B) Oscar Robertson
Who's Played More?A or B?
A) Dwyane Wade or B) Pao Gasol
A) Clint Richardson or B) Cliff Robinson
A) Ron Artest or B) Bill Laimbeer
A Derek Fisher or B) Allen Iverson
A) Rick Barry or B) Brent Barry
A) Detlef Schrempf or B) Chris Mullin
A) Charles Barkley or B) Shawn Kemp
A) Hakeem or B) Dikembe
A) Dennis Rodman or B) Tony Kukoc
A) Danny Ainge or B) Tim Duncan

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