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Can you name the famous people who have declared bankruptcy or found themselves in major debt?

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This Miami Vice star had lots of vices, including spending more than he earned.
This 'Cat Scratch Fever' rocker was 'hounded' by financial trouble and filed for bankruptcy in 1980.
The business magnate who says 'You're fired!' has heard 'You're bankrupt!'
Alec Baldwin's ex is also a bankruptcy ex.
This boxer is famous for countertop grills....and unpaid bills.
Before he created Mickey and Donald, he 'drew' too much credit and went bankrupt.
This rapper was 'too legit to quit'...maybe cuz he needed the dough to pay off $13 million in debt.
He co-founded Farm Aid but also needed some of his own aid.
Despite the suspenders, this TV talk show host lost his shorts and declared bankruptcy in 1978.
I heard it through the grapevine: he filed for bankruptcy in 1976.
This 'Wayne's World' hottie found it easy to pay her bills — NOT!
This boxer had a taste for ears...and bad financial decisions.
This president helped abolish slavery but spent 17 years working to abolish his debt.
His Bat Out of Hell album went platinum, but he went into the red to the tune of $1.6 million.
Alimony from 9 marriages couldn't keep this Hungarian movie & TV actress from declaring bankruptcy.
Known for 'What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?', he also asked 'What'choo talkin' 'bout, accountant?'
Goodness gracious, he found himself in great balls of debt and headed to bankruptcy court in 1988.
Before he founded a circus with Bailey, he found himself in tremendous debt.
Maybe this Mr. Las Vegas and 'Danke Schoen' singer lost too much at the craps table.
This Hollywood Madam found herself in the red despite all the stars in her black book.
The figure skater who started the camel spin had investments take a tailspin.
The pop diva of the #1 hit 'Un-Break My Heart' had to un-bury herself from $50 million in debt.
This hard-hitting Hall of Fame linebacker of the NY Giants was hit hard by unpaid child support.
It must be costly to reattach a penis. Doctor bills sent this man into bankruptcy.

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