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Who Has/Had More...A, B, or C?
NCAA basketball wins?
A) Bob Knight B) Dean Smith C) Lute Olson
Emmy wins as an actress?
A) Mary Tyler Moore B) Tyne Daly C) Lucille Ball
Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles?
A) Carrie Underwood B) Kelly Clarkson C) Kris Allen
Vice Presidents while in office?
A) Cleveland B) Jefferson C) FDR
Major championships in golf?
A) Jack Nicklaus B) Tiger Woods C) Walter Hagen
Comic book appearances?
A) Batman B) Superman C) Spider-Man
Lines spoken in a Disney film?
A) Aladdin B) Simba C) Alice
Comic book appearances as super villain?
A) Dr. Doom B) Lex Luthor C) Joker
Songs covered by other artists?
A) The Beatles B) Dusty Springfield C) Journey
Films in AFI Top 100?
A) Humphrey Bogart B) Robert De Niro C) Robert Duvall
TV children?
A) The Waltons B) The Huxtables C) The Bradys
Appearances in Dr. Seuss books?
A) Cat in the Hat B) Horton C) Grinch
#1 Billboard Hot 100 singles in the 1980s?
A) Phil Collins B) George Michael C) Prince
Gold medals in same Olympic event?
A) Bonnie Blair B) Carl Lewis C) Michael Phelps
Episodes appearing on Cheers?
A) Norm B) Cliff C) Frasier
A) Steve Jobs B) Nikolas Tesla C) Thomas Edison
Episodes appearing on Star Trek?
A) Kirk B) Spock C) Dr. McCoy
Sporcle quizzes made about her?
A) Beyonce B) Ke$ha C) Rihanna
SNL appearances as host?
A) Alec Baldwin B) Steve Martin C) Buck Henry
Grand Slam singles titles in men's tennis?
A) Pete Sampras B) Roger Federer C) Andre Agassi
Grammy awards by a female artist?
A) Alison Krauss B) Aretha Franklin C) Beyoncé
Hits on Google?
A) Humphrey Bogart B) Cary Grant C) Clark Gable
Studio albums?
A) Madonna B) Cher C) Barbra Streisand
Olympic medals?
A) Mark Spitz B) Carl Lewis C) Jenny Thompson
Movies directed?
A) Alfred Hitchcock B) Stanley Kubrick C) Orson Welles
Appearances in novels?
A) Miss Marple B) Hercule Poirot C) Sherlock Holmes
Boxing wins?
A) Muhammad Ali B) Mike Tyson C) Joe Louis
Career NBA playoff points?
A) Shaq B) Michael Jordan C) Karl Malone
Academy Awards appearances as host?
A) Bob Hope B) Billy Crystal C) Johnny Carson
Seasons on SNL?
A) Phil Hartman B) Kevin Nealon C) Seth Meyers
Years doing weather on Today?
A) Bob Ryan B) Willard Scott C) Al Roker
Actress and Supporting Actress Oscar nominations?
A) Geraldine Page B) Jane Fonda C) Judi Dench
#1 albums in the U.S.?
A) Garth Brooks B) Elvis Presley C) Jay-Z
Years portraying Doctor Who?
A) David Tennant B) William Hartnell C) Tom Baker
A) Mickey Rooney B) Zsa Zsa Gabor C) Liz Taylor
Published Sporcle quizzes?
A) Hejman B) Flick C) LTH
Grand Slam singles titles in women's tennis?
A) Chris Evert B) Steffi Graf C) Martina Navratilova
NBA blocks?
A) Hakeem B) Dikembe C) Shaq
Movies with one-word titles?
A) Adam Sandler B) Tom Hanks C) Robin Williams
Years leading their country?
A) Hitler B) Churchill C) Mussolini
Sporcle quizzes made about him?
A) Tom Cruise B) Tom Hanks C) Nic Cage
Grammy awards by a male artist?
A) Bruce Springsteen B) Kanye West C) Stevie Wonder
#1 Billboard Hot 100 singles all time?
A) Elvis Presley B) Mariah Carey C) Rihanna
10+ win MLB seasons?
A) Greg Maddux B) Don Sutton C) Roger Clemens
Seasons as American Idol judge?
A) Simon Cowell B) Paula Abdul C) Randy Jackson
Popular votes in a presidential election?
A) Jimmy Carter B) Harry Truman C) John Kennedy
Super Bowl TV broadcasts?
A) Curt Gowdy B) Dick Enberg C) Pat Summerall
Plate appearances for one MLB team?
A) Carl Yastrzemski B) Cal Ripken C) Stan Musial
Caps for England?
A) Peter Shilton B) David Beckham C) Bobby Moore
Actor and Supporting Actor Oscar wins?
A) Tom Hanks B) Marlon Brando C) Walter Brennan
Who Has/Had More...A, B, or C?
Years hosting Family Feud?
A) Ray Combs B) Louie Anderson C) Steve Harvey
Films playing James Bond?
A) Timothy Dalton B) Pierce Brosnan C) Daniel Craig
Actress and Supporting Actress Oscar wins?
A) Katharine Hepburn B) Meryl Streep C) Bette Davis
Lines in a Shakespeare play?
A) Hamlet B) Othello C) Falstaff
Super Bowl losses?
A) Tom Landry B) Mike Holmgren C) Dan Reeves
Years on Today?
A) Katie Couric B) Barbara Walters C) Jane Pauley
Episodes appearing on M*A*S*H?
A) Radar B) Father Mulcahy C) Colonel Potter
MLB games played?
A) Pete Rose B) Ty Cobb C) Hank Aaron
NFL 100 yard rushing games?
A) Barry Sanders B) Emmitt Smith C) Walter Payton
NHL games played?
A) Chris Chelios B) Mark Messier C) Gordie Howe
Money (i.e., net worth)?
A) Bill Gates B) Warren Buffett C) Mark Zuckerberg
NBA games played?
A) John Stockton B) Robert Parish C) Kevin Willis
Emmy wins as an actor?
A) Ed Asner B) Peter Falk C) Dennis Franz
NFL interceptions thrown?
A) Dan Marino B) Brett Favre C) John Elway
Feature film appearances?
A) Rambo B) Rocky C) John McClane (Die Hard)
Years as U.S. President?
A) Lincoln B) Grant C) McKinley
NFL games played?
A) Brett Favre B) Jerry Rice C) Jason Elam
Career points in college basketball?
A) J.J. Redick B) Bo McCalebb C) Tyler Hansbrough
Actor and Supporting Actor Oscar nominations?
A) Jack Nicholson B) Al Pacino C) Laurence Olivier
Years as Pope?
A) Pius XII B) John Paul II C) Paul VI
Appearances on Oprah?
A) Celine Dion B) Chris Rock C) Halle Berry
Years hosting the Tonight Show?
A) Jack Paar B) Johnny Carson C) Jay Leno
Classical recordings on
A) Bach B) Beethoven C) Mozart
NHL career goals?
A) Brett Hull B) Wayne Gretzky C) Gordie Howe
Selections as Time's Person of the Year?
A) Richard Nixon B) FDR C) Mikhail Gorbachev
MLB games managed?
A) Bobby Cox B) Tony LaRussa C) Joe Torre
Films with Jimmy Stewart?
A) Frank Capra B) Alfred Hitchcock C) John Ford
Olympic Gold medals?
A) Michael Phelps B) Larisa Latynina C) Matt Biondi
Appearances on 1960s Batman TV series?
A) Penguin B) Joker C) Riddler
Mentions in the Lord of the Rings?
A) Gandalf B) Samwise Gamgee C) Gollum
A) Alec Baldwin B) Jeff Bridges C) John Cusack
Published novels?
A) Charlotte Brontë B) Virginia Woolf C) Jane Austen
Super Bowl starts at QB?
A) Tom Brady B) Joe Montana C) Terry Bradshaw
Albums in the Rolling Stone Top 500?
A) Bob Marley B) James Brown C) Ray Charles
Top 10 singles from one album?
A) Katy Perry B) George Michael C) Bruce Springsteen
Years as Disney CEO?
A) Roy Disney B) Michael Eisner C) Robert Iger
Books in series?
A) Little House (Wilder) B) Narnia (Lewis) C) Oz (Baum)
Twitter followers?
A) Barack Obama B) Justin Bieber C) Lindsay Lohan
Quotes in AFI's Top 100 Film Quotes?
A) Al Pacino B) Robert De Niro C) John Wayne
Presidential meetings with the Pope?
A) Ronald Reagan B) Bill Clinton C) George W. Bush
Movies together?
A) Astaire/Rogers B) Allen/Keaton C) Depp/Burton
Electoral votes in a presidential election?
A) Ronald Reagan B) Richard Nixon C) FDR
Career base hits?
A) Ty Cobb B) Pete Rose C) Rogers Hornsby
Appearances on the cover of Rolling Stone?
A) Madonna B) Bono C) Prince
Mentions in Harry Potter books?
A) Hagrid B) Snape C) Voldemort
Grammy awards by a group?
A) The Beatles B) Dixie Chicks C) Santana
MLB Gold Gloves?
A) Johnny Bench B) Ozzie Smith C) Brooks Robinson
Published novels?
A) Hemingway B) Twain C) Faulkner
A) George H. W. Bush B) Ronald Reagan C) Bill Clinton
Mentions in the Bible?
A) Sarah B) Mary C) Esther

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