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What. Where. When.Who
Assassinated. Ford Theatre, Washington, DC. Apr. 14, 1865.
Broke MLB color barrier. Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, NY. Apr. 15, 1947.
Jumped 14 Greyhound buses. Kings Mills, OH. Oct. 15, 1975.
Beheaded. Tower of London, London, England. May 19, 1536.
Suffered wardrobe malfunction. Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX. Feb. 1, 2004.
Sworn in as Prime Minister. Havana, Cuba. Feb. 16, 1959.
Released from prison. Paarl, South Africa. Feb. 11, 1990.
Won fourth Green Jacket. Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA. Apr. 10, 2005.
Founded Motown Records. Detroit, MI. Jan. 12, 1959.
Made final “Tonight Show” appearance. Burbank, CA. May 22, 1992.
Set home run record. Fulton County Stadium, Atlanta, GA. Apr. 8, 1974.
Defeated Boris Spassky. Reykjavík, Iceland. Sep. 1, 1972.
Completed transatlantic solo flight. Culmore, Northern Ireland. May 20, 1932.
Severed portion of ear. Arles, France. Dec. 23, 1888.
Bit opponent’s ear. MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV. Jun. 28, 1997.
Married seventh husband. Neverland Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA. Oct. 6, 1991.
Vomited on Japanese Prime Minister. Tokyo, Japan. Jan. 8, 1992.
Assassinated assassin. Dallas, TX. Nov. 24, 1963.
Resigned. Oval Office, Washington, DC. Aug. 9, 1974.
Died in car accident. Paris, France. August 31, 1997.
Jailed for homosexuality. London, England. May 25, 1895.
Refused to give up bus seat. Montgomery, AL. Dec. 1, 1955.
Hit golf balls. Moon. Feb. 6, 1971.
Died from wounds in a duel. Greenwich Village, NY. Jul. 12, 1804.

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