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Can you name the term in each pair that gets more hits when searched on Sporcle?

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What Gets More Sporcle Hits?A or B?
A) Scrabble OR B) Xbox
A) Minecraft OR B) Final Fantasy
A) Christmas OR B) Halloween
A) Asia OR B) Africa
A) Germany OR B) France
A) Marvel OR B) DC
A) Acronyms OR B) Abbreviations
A) Candy OR B) Fruit
A) Antonyms OR B) Synonyms
A) Dog OR B) Cat
A) Pi OR B) Pie
A) Desert OR B) Dessert
A) Beer OR B) Wine
A) Tennis OR B) Golf
A) Poets OR B) Playwrights
What Gets More Sporcle Hits?A or B?
A) Flowers OR B) Guns
A) Fairies OR B) Witches
A) Sins OR B) Saints
A) Freaks OR B) Geeks
A) Family Guy or B) South Park
A) Glee OR B) Seinfeld
A) Lakers OR B) Celtics
A) Cricket OR B) Rugby
A) Starbucks OR B) McDonald's
A) Tallest OR B) Smallest
A) Facebook OR B) Google
A) Star Wars OR B) Star Trek
A) Hero or B) Villain
A) Pirates OR B) Aliens
A) Twilight OR B) Hunger Games

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