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A WordDefinition A, B, or C?
Acock: A) a young rooster B) being in a cocked position C) a toilet valve
Acriflavine: A) an antiseptic B) an antacid C) an anti-inflammatory
Adamantine: A) rigidly firm B) representing the first C) immature
Ad hoc: A) advertised B) amortized C) improvised
Adjutant: A) something that protrudes B) one who helps C) a religious council member
Aerie: A) a mountaintop bird nest B) a magical being, usu. female C) far-reaching
Affined: A) penalized B) polished C) connected
Agamic: A) cleverly enjoyable B) tart C) asexual
Agnate: A) a paternal relative B) an obsolete birthstone C) an adhesive
Aikido: A) an Asian dog breed B) a Japanese parasol C) a Japanese art of self-defense
Albumen: A) egg white B) egg yolk C) egg shell
Alee: A) a sweet beer B) toward the lee C) a varicose vein
Anechoic: A) free of echoes B) song-filled C) a type of ulcer
Arcuate: A) angelic B) curved like a bow c) mildly inaccurate
Atlatl: A) an underwater compass B) an African oar C) a device for throwing spears
Attaint: A) infect or corrupt B) anoint C) achieved a goal
Auk: A) a sea bird B) a stillborn chimp C) a stone impeding entrance to a cave
Avgas: A) swamp fumes B) gasoline for airplanes C) a liquid used in creating movie film
Avulsion: A) fear of birds B) bodily twitches C) the tearing away of body parts
Ayah: A) a nurse native to India B) verbal agreement C) an Egyptian loincloth

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